Caledonian Environmental


We care deeply about the world we live in and are committed to being a business with a positive environmental and social impact. As a result, we have formed Caledonian Environmental, a division of Forth Resource Management to focus on the environmental impact we can have in our local area, with the added slew of social benefits that come along with it. Our main focuses will be on providing an environmental consultancy service to a wide range of sectors; facilitating tree planting projects; and coordinating beach cleans through The Scottish Coastal Clean Up.

Environmental Consultancy

Our environmental consultancy service will look to provide audits and guidance to businesses from a wide range of sectors including land, factory, office, and event based industries. Audits and guidance will cover areas including energy consumption, water management, biodiversity, waste, and recycling. We will provide a comprehensive plan, including cost estimates for any suggested changes and a management plan for the future.

Tree Planting

Tree planting has become a key feature of climate action plans everywhere, and it’s easy to see why. Tree planting is a simple and effective way to capture and store carbon from the atmosphere, it can increase or restore biodiversity in ecosystems and provide much needed green spaces with a host of social benefits. This year to date we have planted over 1700 trees working with local community groups including establishing a new 4-acre community woodland near East Linton. We are in the planning stage for 2 further woodlands - the first to create a new woodland on a 20-acre site near Rigside, Lanark and the other as part of restorative woodland project on a 100-acre site near Whitburn.

The Scottish Coastal Clean Up

Over the next 5 years we have set ourselves the ambitious task of clearing 70% of Marine Litter off the beautiful Scottish coastline. We will be organising regular beach cleans, coordinating with existing community groups, and be arranging for teams to go and help blitz identified litter hotspots. Building on the success of our Berwick to Edinburgh beach clean for World Ocean Day we aim to extend this each year to cover more of the coast. To stay up to date, or get involved you can join our Facebook Group.