Organics Recycling

We recycle organic material from gardens and local authorities into a range of horticultural products


Horticultural Products

We produce the Caledonian Horticulture Range of products for gardens, sports turf and agriculture


Sustainable Biomass

We produce several grades of woodchip from sustainable sources for biomass boilers


Uplift Services

We offer uplift of organic waste and food waste through our divisions


Blower Truck Delivery

Our Express Blower is a flexible pneumatic delivery system ideal for remote access



Forth resource Management was started in 2002 with the aim of providing a sustainable recycling solution for the garden waste generated across South East Scotland, at that time material that was collected by councils and landscape gardeners was usually landfilled with the remainder either burnt in bonfires or heaped up to rot away over time at the bottom of peoples gardens.

The composting of organic material is a natural process that has been taking place on woodland floors and other natural environments since life on earths land mass began many millions of years ago. We felt that harassing this natural process in a controlled manner would enable us to turn locally collected garden waste into compost that we could then sell to gardeners, landscapers and farmers.


We process up to 70,000 tonnes of organic material every year

Operating 6 composting sites across the Lothians & Borders we produce high quality, innovative products for the Horticultural and Sports Turf industries.

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