Caledonian Recycling

Caledonian Recycling - formerly Agri.Cycle Caledonian - was formed in response to the change of Scottish Legislation banning the incineration of agricultural waste. We operate primarily within the Lothians and Scottish Borders. Our service allows farmers to fully comply with this change in legislation in an easy and accessible way, and is fully auditable.

The farm plastic waste from our customers is collected and baled before being sent off to specialist recyclers where it is washed, shredded and processed on their purpose-built site. The granulated plastic can then be reused in the plastics industry to make new items such as fence posts, garden furniture and recycling bins.

As with any form of recycling our aim is to keep materials clean so that they can be reprocessed easily with minimal contamination. Customers will be provided with separate bags for each type of material we collect so that each material stream can be kept and stored separately. Material must be contaminant free or we will be unable to accept it. 

Materials We Recycle

We aim to give customers a complete agricultural recycling service and accept most farm plastics and cardboards:

  • Spray cans
  • Caps and foils from spray cans
  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Fertiliser and seed bags
  • Silage wrap
  • Net wrap and string (collected separately)
  • Crop cover
  • Plastic trays and plant pots (collected separately)
  • Woven polyprop floor cover (clean)
  • Shrink wrap
  • Spent shotgun cartridges
  • Tree guards and shelters
  • Pallets


We offer two types of charging mechanism for farmers to chose from; price per acre for arable only farms and price per bag for mixed farms.

Price per Bag

Silage wrap - £48.00
Net wrap - £66.00
Chemical cans - £42.00
Fert / Seed bags - £20.00
Plant pots - £25.00
String - £66.00
Polytunnel  - £45.00
Trickle tape - £80.00
Shotgun cartridges - £45.00

Price per Acre
(Arable Only)

0 – 250 acres = £0.750
251 – 500 acres = £0.70
501 – 750 acres = £0.65
751 – 1000 acres = £0.60
1001 – 1500 acres = £0.55
1501+ acres = £0.50

Our Site

Caledonian Recycling customers can drop off material with prior agreement at our Galashiels site: The Pavilion, Galashiels, TD6 9BN, or you can arrange a collection by one of our specialist vehicles. We operate collections three times a year. In both instances you should call 07494 729825 or email to arrange.