FRM AgriServices

The main areas of FRM Agriservices include digestate, feed stock provision and contracting work. Agriservices currently delivers and spreads around 30,000t of food waste digestate to farms around East and Midlothian, with an additional 5,000t of waste to land handled by the team each year.

Another key income stream for Agriservices is contract work, currently we farm around 3,000 acres of silage across Lanarkshire and Argyll particularly around Biggar and Broachrigg. Other services include crop establishment contracts, compost spreading, slurry spreading, site access and clearing, and dump trailer work by tractor.

For more information please contact Andrew: 07734 237 192 or Stuart: 07969 298 663.

Contract Work

  • Umbilical slurry application with 24m Dribble bar and 4km of high volume pipe
  • Tanker spreading with trailing shoe and rain gun options
  • Dung spreading and loading
  • Digger and dump trailer work with 20t digger and trailers
  • Primary and secondary cultivations ploughs, deep legged sub soilers (Sumotrio), powerharrow
  • Crop establishment with grain, fertiliser and small seed options. Combination direct drill and min till available
  • Crop protection and fertilisation with direct access to Basis and Facts qualified agronomists
  • Silage all mowing, tedding, raking, chopping, buck raking and compacting services

Specialised Services

  • Digestate supply, spreading and removal contracts
  • Supply and spreading of PAS100 compost
  • Anaerobic digestion feedstock supply and management
  • Licensed organic liquid waste to land services
  • Grain handling, harvesting and drying services

Other Services

  • Stubble to stubble contracting
  • Contract farming agreements
  • Environmental scheme maintenance and management
  • High capacity liquid logistic with articulated tankers
  • Forage harvesting with self propelled harvester, 40 knife drum with chop lengths ranging from 2.5mm to 40mm. Whole crop header attachment with corn cracker and additive application available