Caledonian Horticulture Products

Caledonian Green Compost is made from botanical material collected throughout the South-East of Scotland. We shred and compost this material in large windrows which are monitored and aerated in order to achieve the temperatures required to kill weeds and pathogens. After 14 weeks the compost is ready to be screened to a variety of particle sizes depending on intended use.


Our British Standards Institute PAS100 screened compost is well suited for use as a soil improver. In contrast to chemical fertilisers, the nutrients in compost are fixed and cannot be leached out of the soil.  Being peat-free means our compost is sustainably produced but still rich in the essential nutrients plants require.

We produce a range of horticultural products by using our Green Compost as the basis for a number of blends.  These are available from our sites and selected garden centres.

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