Organics Recycling

Forth Resource Management Ltd under the Caledonian Horticulture banner produces a wide variety of sustainable landscaping materials such as Soil Improvers, Sand Blends and Topsoils from organic resources.  Processing up to 100,000 tonnes of organic material per annum, we operate 6 composting sites across the Lothians, Borders and Central Belt. We shred and compost the material that comes in to our sites in large windrows which are monitored and aerated in order to achieve the temperatures required to kill weeds and pathogens. After 14 weeks the compost is ready to be screened to a variety of particle sizes depending on intended use. 

Our Process


The composting of organic material is a natural process that has been taking place on woodland floors and other natural environments since life on earths land mass began many millions of years ago. We felt that harassing this natural process in a controlled manner would enable us to turn locally collected garden waste into compost that we could then sell to gardeners, landscapers and farmers. From the outset the goal has been to produce high quality, peat-free products for the horticultural industry.