Caledonian Biomass


At Forth Resource Management (FRM) we use sustainably sourced roundwood from our local area. This is key not only to help support the local economy but also to ensure the carbon cost incurred in the haulage of both the roundwood and the woodchip is kept to a minimum. FRM woodchip has been air dried for up to 12 months and then further dried on a drying floor so the moisture levels are < 30% , this ensures excellent boiler efficiency.

The most common sizes required are usually G30 and G50. On a regular basis we undertake a 'batch' chipping operation with large, specialist wood fuel chippers to process material to the specification required. The wood fuel is stored in large covered barns, free of any source of contamination before being placed into the drying floor. The drying floor uses hot air which is blown under the specially designed floor to dry the chip to a constant, below 30%, moisture content thus ensuring a product with high calorific value.

biomass delivery

We can deliver woodchip with our walking floor lorry or with our Express Blower truck, which is ideal for sites with restricted access and storage hoppers.

Contract Chipping Service

Our mobile chipping service is primarily aimed at providing a cost-effective solution for customers with their own wood resources who require quality woodchips for their biomass systems. Our Heizohack mobile wood chipping machine is fitted with a timber crane and is powered by a 280hp tractor.

In-feed size: 1200mm wide, 800mm high,
maximum trunk diameter of 800mm
Output: 15-20 tonnes/hour depending on the type of timber and yard lay-out
Lump wood/logs chipped with the aid of a forklift/telehandler
Fuel specification to G30 or G50.

To find out more about the contract chipping services we provide please call us on 0131 339 5554.

contract chipping


Our range of sustainably harvested logs, kindling and pizza oven logs are kiln-dried in our purpose-built drying kiln powered by overflow heat produced by our on farm power station. This ensures a consistent high quality of firewood with a moisture content of less than 20%, which means a hotter, cleaner burn. Mixed hardwood logs are available in a range of sizes from 8” to 30” and can be delivered split or in rounds depending on your requirements.

We are able to supply in the following amounts:
● Carry size nets
● Builder's bags
● Loose loads

All of our firewood is sourced from sustainably thinned Scottish woodlands in an environmentally friendly manner from the local area to produce quality logs with a minimum environmental impact.