Blower Truck delivery

Our Express Blower is a pneumatic delivery system which enables product or material to be blown through a large capacity hose and applied to the ground in a controlled manner leaving a smooth professional finish.

It can also be used to deliver products into a desired location i.e. a biomass boiler room, in a fast efficient manner. The unit carries over 100m of flexible hose allowing areas to be accessed which may have been inaccessible in the past. The unit does not tip like some, instead the product is brought to the rear of the trailer using a hydraulically driven walking floor, helpful in areas where access is restricted. Operated by one person with a remote control, the Express Blower allows quick and efficient spreading of large quantities of organic materials such as compost, bark and woodchip to the remotest locations. The Express Blower saves valuable time and labour costs. It will spread five times what a 5 person squad can do in one day. It will also allow you to reduce your overall cost of spreading materials and eliminate unnecessary employee risk.

 blower woodchip

FAST - Output of up to 50 square meters per hour depending on material type, the large capacity hose ensures constant even flow

SAFE - The blower can be remotely controlled giving the operator flexibility as to how much product and/or air is being applied.

CLEAN - The material is contained in the trailer and only output is through the hose to its desired location

EFFICIENT - Express blowing is the most cost effective and most adaptive in delivering material to hard to reach places